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This is a call to romantics caught in a world that teaches fear is the most important feeling.


You are not alone. 

Applaud your bravery. Feeling for yourself is the simplest form of rebellion. Move slowly, the world is always excited to greet you.


Rushing is for those who watch and compete with, and not celebrate, others.

Feed yourself, not only for health and nutrition but with, color, flavor, and experience. Search for beauty everywhere. Try everything you can, learn what you like, and dislike, over and over. This applies to all consumption. 

Take things responsibly. Claim space and time without stealing, leave places and people better then you found them. Master softness and intention. Speak honestly, and only for yourself. 


Never cook while angry. Only go out to eat if you can tip well.


Lastly, always be yourself. This is your most difficult task, our centers are always shifting. 


If you find yourself lost or broken be still and remember even shattered glass glimmers. 

Above all, never stop loving. 



Camille Felicity

Nov 2019 

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