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Finger Frame is a virtual art space dedicated to redefining arts accessibility.

We strive to create an approachable art environment through immersive exhibitions, conversations with artists, and local community empowerment.


PSYCOGRAPH: A Reiteration During the Time of Social Distance
Psychograph (From the Study of Distortions Series) is an investigation into the nature of communication and perceptions by Agnes Denes originally performed in 1972.

Finger Frame is collaborating with The Internet Club to recreate Denes' work virtually, inviting the world to participate.
Set a timer for ten minutes and click here to join the art piece. There are no wrong answers, only truths.
About The Internet Club
The Internet Club is a collaborative writing project about the internet of  the past, present, future.
We're currently rebuilding our site, but take a look at what we've done 

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